Texas is so big…it needs two posts!

The name of the township we stayed in Louisiana was called Westwego…so   we took off one morning on a bright sunny day and westwewent…to Texas!   May I just say here before going on to Texas that the roads out of Louisiana over all the bayous and swamps are made of concrete and it’s sort of like riding some kind of bumpy carnival ride.  About 10 miles and I was carsick.  Pulling the rig seems to add a lot of bumpiness to the ride.


We had plans to stay at another Harvest Hosts site…the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch and Tours, but with the recent rains and flooding in Louisiana, we found the place under a foot of water, so after some phone calls and a little more driving, we found a place for the night.  Quiet, trees and just relaxing!  And a big plus…..sunshine!

The next days drive brought us to the Carmine/Round Top and LaGrange area of Texas.  We planned a few days here to relax.  We found quite a few interesting little places to visit.

This area of Texas is full of antique stores.  About 17 miles of them, all closed because it was winter…Ed was really happy about that fact!

With a population of only 250, Carmine was not much more than a bump in the road.  We stayed at a nice RV park called Dixieland RV Park.   From this base we were able to drive around to Big Top and LaGrange.  We discovered that this area of Texas is famous  for flea market and antique shows twice a year and that during that time, about 30,000 people show up for a couple of weeks.  Lucky for us…not this week!

Round Top and LaGrange offered a few small open antique stores, art stores, clothing stores…all very nice!   We visited  a nice Bistro for lunch across the street from  a beautiful old court house where the court scene in the movie “Michael” was filmed.  Down the road a little ways, we found  a historic park with some older buildings and lots of history for Ed to read!   Monument Hill and the Kreische Brewery  provided a great view of a river, but now I’m not sure of the name of it.   I even found some very red berries for photographing and the ruins of the old brewery.  The next day we visited  Rohan Meadery and bought a few bottles to share with friends.  Our thanks to the guide at the La Grange Chamber of Commerce visitor’s center for tipping us off about the meadery!


After a long day of sightseeing, the full moon and the trees were so beautiful!   We are having good vibes about TEXAS!


I’m beginning to wonder when I’m going to find the time to enjoy making some art work….we will have to wait and see!