New Year New Road…Where are you going?

Big changes happened last year in our little saga of life.  We retired, we sold our house, we bought an RV, we started traveling.  January kicks off a year of planning for us.  Downsizing and rethinking what we want out of every day life consumed much of our minds and hearts last year!   Retiring made us think of endless days with nothing on the horizon and sounded boring and somewhat void of purpose.  What do you do after you no longer have to punch a time clock, answer to a boss for your time, or get up at the crack of dawn?  We soon discovered that staying in our jammies all day left a lot to be desired.

We took a trip to Europe last year which caused us to start thinking about the fact that we had not seen so much of our great country.  We began thinking about all the interesting and unusual places in the US that we had never seen.  Thus began the plan for spending the next year (at least) traveling and exploring.  Ed loves researching geneology and I love making things with polymer clay and meeting other artists…so the plan began.  We bought and purchased our Montana 5th wheel which we lovingly named DIMIR (did I mention I’m retired) and set off on some trial runs…  a trip to the mosquito paradise of Myakka State Park, another trip to Gatlinburg for a big RV Dreams Rally to learn the ins and outs of living in less than 300sq feet, and then the big push at the end of 2016, a six week tour of Ohio (for the grandson’s wedding,  Niagra Falls (because we wanted to), a day’s journey through Canada to see the locks in Souix Ste.Marie and then a trip to Wisconsin, coming home via Michigan again and a trip to Mackinac Island.   We wanted to avoid I 75 so we traveled south on I 65 through Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and ended up sitting out Hurricaine Hermine in  Florida Springs RV Park.   After being on the road for so long, and spending 4 days in the monsoon rains here…we were ready for home, but sad to leave the road…only a wanderer gets this part.

sign found in some store, that says it all!

Aside from a couple of minor issues…hitch problem in New York and not ever figuring out how to get our electric hot water tank working, we managed quite well and our enthusiasm never dwindled.  We can do this!!  And we haven’t killed each other yet.

Here are some photos and from the first months.



Tube rafting in Michigan with family.

Yummy fudge on Mackinac Island….Of course, it’s completely calorie free!


Progress photos of  my first canvas in the series I plan to do while on the road.  The last photo is the picture I took in Gatlinburg along the Roaring Fork River.   Created with polymer clay (white Premo!) and then antiqued and then painted with Genesis heat set paints.

Classes, classy ladies, and more!

October found me quite busy!  I started teaching a few classes….of course they were all in the same week!  Here are a couple of photos of the student work.  Now is the time to think about booking a class for next year!  Please use the contact form to email me and you will be notified when new classes are listed!  Here is an interesting fact regarding the classes below.  The canvas classes were done by polymer guild members.  The Bird in a Pumpkin class was done by 7 courageous students who had NEVER TOUCHED POLYMER before.  I was totally impressed!   Now they all want to come back for more in December.  Check out the link in the caption below the Bird in a Pumpkin photo!

thanks to all the lovely ladies who made it so much fun!
thanks to all the lovely ladies who made it so much fun!

Davie Canvas Class 2014

I’m doing two Christmas Shows.  The first is at Raymond James Financial with my daughter Emily Shrider who is one of the art curators there.  The second Holizaar 7 

mini pelican ornament

This is a really unique, fun market for your last minute Christmas gifts!  I’ts not your mamas bazaar!  I’ve been attending this show for years and buying my cool  Christmas gifts here and this year I applied and now I am a vendor!  Whoo Hoo….it’s always soooo much fun.

I’ve also been designing some new clay items at the Clay Center of St Petersburg and taught a polymer Bird in a Pumpkin Class there in November.

So much fun, they are coming back for more! Check out the Happy Holiday Tree Class in December...just click for details
New polymer work!  They all had so much fun, they are coming back for more! Check out the Happy Holiday Tree Class in December.

These two cuties participated in the charity event for the Tampa Bay Watch and both found new homes!



Finally, I entered the Helen Breil/Kazuri West Stamp contest and won 3rd place with my little birdie.

And I made a lovely angel for my sister in law.  Pictures to come later!

All in all…a great and busy month!

Whew!  I need to retire…hahaha….did that in May….I’m working harder now!