Artist Statement

Art is an adventure for me.  I jumped in as an adult.  Many of the wonderful polymer artists I know, were potters, painters, photographers before they found polymer clay.  For me, polymer clay has been the jumping off point for my personal art adventure.  Several years ago I found an article about polymer clay and decided to give it a try.  I was hooked!  Below you will find links to artists I feel are responsible for my love of polymer.  These are the artists that have encouraged me to continue my adventure.  

I’ve done some shows, have a few things in galleries, received a few awards, but in the end,  I just love making things!

Recently I received an email from an appreciator of my art, who shared that it simply “makes her happy” to look at it.  Hope it does the same for you!

Our newest journey is unfolding at the moment.  We just retired and now have a fifth wheel and are traveling the US.  Ed is researching his family history and just loving being on the road.  As we travel, I’m taking my studio with me and meeting new artists and sharing stories and just having fun.

My goals:                      keep learning,
                                       keep enjoying 
                                         keep sharing what I love

My inspiration:           vibrant colors of nature
                                      a whimsical outlook on life
                                         the love of fairytales
                                           the intrigue of foreign places
Words of wisdom:      It’s not precious
                                       Experiment, play
                                          Tutorials are cliffs:
                                              jump from them into your own deep waters
      I never did like following the recipes!
My heartfelt thanks and continued support for my personal muses:
When she opened a package of clay and squeezed it in her hand and molded it into a funky little head with buck teeth the lightbulb in my brain glowed bright! I knew this was a journey I would love!
Inspires me to let the clay speak!  Her quiet personality and friendliness encourages me and she knows…there really are elves and fairies!
Her creatures and painterly color techniques give me so much joy!  Her classes are so much fun!  I wish she was my neighbor! 
Thanks for all your encouragement!
A truly gifted and inspiring artist and business woman.