Still in Texas January 2017

We traveled to San Marcos, where we stayed for two weeks at the Pecan Park RV Park.  We met the nicest people and stayed next to some RV Entrepreneurs we had only met on Facebook.  Heath and Alyssa were very nice.   We met another couple Paul and Heather traveling the country in their RV just like us and working.  Making a lifestyle of living small and viewing our wonderful country via some type of RV is becoming quite popular across all generations.  It’s an idea we did not come up with until after we “retired” and now we are working again because it allows us much more freedom to go more places.  It’s always great to make friends as we go and sometimes we even run in to them again somewhere!  One of the first nights there, we joined an Italian Potluck with some regulars at the clubhouse.  Here’s the spread.

Our visit to Fredericksburg was very enjoyable.  It’s a great place to get some history,  do a little shopping and visit some great Texas Winerys.

We stopped in town for a glass of vino and found the place we stopped at was owned by Dan Pfeiffer.  This was a friendly, fun and interesting place to visit!  Could he be one of Ed’s long lost distant relatives??????

In San Antonio, we did a lot of sight seeing

The Alamo

 The Mercado

River Walk San Antonio

Casa Rio

where we ate lunch!

Everything was so pretty and the day was beautiful weather!  Such fun!

We also took some scenic drives and stopped one night in Gruene, TX another place used while filming the movie Michael.  Here is the dance hall seen in the film and it’s still used today for music and dance!

another scene in the movie was filmed in a court house in La Grange, Tx where we also visited:

you can see some inside shots of the courtyard inside the courthouse in my previous blog page 

In this part of Texas, some of the scenic drives are very nice…and come with some roads where there are no bridges, just a post telling you how deep the water is over the road….lots of fun!

We did so much in Texas I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.  Have fun all you travelers and keep in touch!



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