Fun at the IPCA Arches Retreat in Columbus Ohio

I’m coming back to my roots this week at the Arches retreat! My heart and mind are full with memories. Born and raised in Ohio, I loved watching the “script Ohio” magically appear on the OSU football field, exploring Old Man’s Cave on a Sunday afternoon, the crisp fall crunch of leaves, on the way home from school…yes I walked to school…my time for dreaming! All the old memories are flooding my heart and mind. Making me want to reconnect and reminisce. what fun! I’ve even discovered another one of the attendees at the Retreat is a former classmate of mine at Worthington High School.

I’m with a truly wonderful group of people here, getting to explore polymer clay! I am bursting at the seams with ideas and projects and new tools!

The Nature of Mark Making….Maggie Maggio class at the Arches Retreat.

Here is a glimpse of what I made in class The Nature of Mark Making. I’ve been drawing on polymer for a while…but her class has taken me from simply using clay like you would a piece of paper, to making a beautiful piece of jewelry…although it’s not quite finished, I’ve been wearing it daily just because I love it so much.

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