Here is a look at a few of my newest polymer greeting cards. I’ve been working on making some cards that combine my love of doodling and polymer. If you stop by, let me know what you think.

On another note, my friend Pat and I are teaching another class at Breezy’s tomorrow…this time, we are in the mood for Halloween and Fall…with pumpkins, candy corn and acorns. Will post a picture tutorial here tomorrow!

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  1. I finally got a moment to finish blog hopping. (i seem to stay up way too late these days too). I loved your”sorry ribbon”story! And I honestly wouldnt have known it wasn’t “sari”ribbon if you never said so . your necklace is beautiful! I wish I was better st the clay smooshing. It’s fun but I ask never sure what to do once I get started. I am goung to look fot your tutorial later this week and maybe try my hand at it again. Yout should definitely blog more-yout write so well-what a fun post!
    Rosemarie from Gemrose Designs

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